How to join the testnet (Mobile)

⚠️☢️ Warning ☣️⚠︎

    This is testnet network, so don’t use any real BNB or your fund can be lost!
    Always remeber to switch to BSC Testnet network when joining the testnet contest.
    If you are unclear at any steps, ask for support at
If you used and had the wallets on MetaMask, you can skip the step 1 and 2.

1. Download MetaMask Application

You can also download the MetaMask app on:

2. Create a new wallet/Import

a. Import a wallet

Before you import the wallet, you must export the seed phrase/recovery phrase/private key to import
If you had the seed phrase/private key, please follow these steps to import:

b. Add new a wallet

If you have not had any wallet yet, you can follow these steps to create a new one.

3. Setup MetaMask BSC Testnet

Please follow theses steps to set MetaMask BSC Testnet
BSC Testnet
Network Name: Smart Chain — Testnet
ChainID: 97
Symbol: BNB
Block Explorer URL:

4. Claim get your Binance Smart Chain Faucet

Go to this faucet and get your testnet BNB:

5. Buy Reward Token

The MoonRatX SuperApp is in-progress, so we will use 3 different dapp for EarnBUSD Testnet and MoonRatX Testnet.
Because in the testnet, there is no $BUSD, $DOGE, $CAKE token. We created our own tokens instead:
    MoonRat BUSD ($MBUSD)
    MoonRat Doge ($MDOGE)
    MoonRat Cake (MCAKE)
You need to buy Reward Token by swapping testnet BNB (or get it from Faucet)
MBUSD Contract address: 0x950e2522a0aBE6E6132Df1d45b0856779915d779
MDOGE Contract address: 0x352b1A2E4b539F44455f669BaF41Ca0233C200BB
MCAKE Contract address: 0xc88bc8FA3c81aDF8A0bB3D170a4e3443F51EE264
Then you go to MoonRatSwap.Finance ( to swap from BNB to $MBUSD, $MDOGE, $MCAKE

7. Trade Child Token

EBUSD Contract address: 0x4cc061bfb00b04384844bf9a73b4bb67b101d77a
EDOGE Contract address: 0x5f10144A5Bf49E9d9b41F430D246726cc505A7DF
MCAKE Contract address: has not publ
Then you go to MoonRatSwap.Finance to swap $MBUSD to $EBUSD
Slippage: 12-15%
Optional: You can buy 80B SMRAT to activate the VIP Membership
SMRAT Contract address: 0x31487d80abed475788c1fdcca53de631332e9ad1

8. Collect your reward and view MRX Balance

Go to the testnet dashboard: to collect your rewards.
In the testnet, 1 cycle = 5 minutes
Then click on Collect Weekly Reward or Collect Instant Reward button to collect your reward.
MRX Contract address: 0xA4746d8c1153749511eaC3E99997BC3fe6aDc07e
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