How to join the testnet (Mobile)

⚠️☢️ Warning ☣️⚠︎

  • This is testnet network, so don’t use any real BNB or your fund can be lost!
  • Always remeber to switch to BSC Testnet network when joining the testnet contest.
  • If you are unclear at any steps, ask for support at
If you used and had the wallets on MetaMask, you can skip the step 1 and 2.

1. Download MetaMask Application

You can also download the MetaMask app on:

2. Create a new wallet/Import

a. Import a wallet

Before you import the wallet, you must export the seed phrase/recovery phrase/private key to import
If you had the seed phrase/private key, please follow these steps to import:

b. Add new a wallet

If you have not had any wallet yet, you can follow these steps to create a new one.

3. Setup MetaMask BSC Testnet

Please follow theses steps to set MetaMask BSC Testnet
BSC Testnet
Network Name: Smart Chain — Testnet
ChainID: 97
Symbol: BNB
Block Explorer URL:

4. Claim get your Binance Smart Chain Faucet

Go to this faucet and get your testnet BNB:

5. Buy Reward Token

The MoonRatX SuperApp is in-progress, so we will use 3 different dapp for EarnBUSD Testnet and MoonRatX Testnet.
Because in the testnet, there is no $BUSD, $DOGE, $CAKE token. We created our own tokens instead:
  • MoonRat BUSD ($MBUSD)
  • MoonRat Doge ($MDOGE)
  • MoonRat Cake (MCAKE)
You need to buy Reward Token by swapping testnet BNB (or get it from Faucet)
MBUSD Contract address: 0x950e2522a0aBE6E6132Df1d45b0856779915d779
MDOGE Contract address: 0x352b1A2E4b539F44455f669BaF41Ca0233C200BB
MCAKE Contract address: 0xc88bc8FA3c81aDF8A0bB3D170a4e3443F51EE264
Then you go to MoonRatSwap.Finance ( to swap from BNB to $MBUSD, $MDOGE, $MCAKE

7. Trade Child Token

EBUSD Contract address: 0x4cc061bfb00b04384844bf9a73b4bb67b101d77a
EDOGE Contract address: 0x5f10144A5Bf49E9d9b41F430D246726cc505A7DF
MCAKE Contract address: has not publ
Then you go to MoonRatSwap.Finance to swap $MBUSD to $EBUSD
Slippage: 12-15%
Optional: You can buy 80B SMRAT to activate the VIP Membership
SMRAT Contract address: 0x31487d80abed475788c1fdcca53de631332e9ad1

8. Collect your reward and view MRX Balance

Go to the testnet dashboard: to collect your rewards.
In the testnet, 1 cycle = 5 minutes
Then click on Collect Weekly Reward or Collect Instant Reward button to collect your reward.
MRX Contract address: 0xA4746d8c1153749511eaC3E99997BC3fe6aDc07e