How to join the testnet (desktop)

⚠️☢️ Warning ☣️⚠︎

  • This is testnet network, so don’t use any real BNB or your fund can be lost!
  • Always remeber to switch to BSC Testnet network when joining the testnet contest.
  • If you are unclear at any steps, ask for support at

1. Setup MetaMask BSC Testnet

Install Metamask extension, then
  • Click on “My Account”
  • Choose Settings > Networks > Add Network
  • Fill out the BSC (mainnet) network
The BSC Network information
Enter testnet network!
Save to add BSC Testnet Network

2. Claim get your Binance Smart Chain Faucet

Go to this faucet and get your testnet BNB:
Make sure you choose the BSC Testnet and you have some test BNB displayed.
Make sure you have BNB Testnet

3. Dashboard Overview

The MoonRatX SuperApp is in-progress, so we will use 3 different dapp for EarnBUSD Testnet and MoonRatX Testnet.
Each child token has a dashboard. But all of them follow the same structure.
Dashboard Overview

4. Buy Reward Token

Because in the testnet, there is no $BUSD, $DOGE, or $CAKE token. We created our own tokens instead:
  • MoonRat BUSD ($MBUSD)
  • MoonRat Doge ($MDOGE)
  • MoonRat Cake (MCAKE)
You need to buy Reward Tokens by swapping testnet BNB (or get it from the Faucet.)
Copy Reward Token's contract address to trade on MoonRatSwap
Make sure you are selected BSC Testnet
Then buy Reward Tokens like $MBUSD, $MDOGE, $MCAKE with BNB

5. Trade Child token

Each child token plays as a mining pair in the MoonRatX (MoonRat Ecosystem).
All child tokens implement the most innovative feature Proof Of Trade. You trade a child token with its Reward Token to form a trading pair
When you click on this cart icon ( 🛒) on Child Token section, you will go to the MoonRatSwap to buy Child Token. You can click on copy to get Child token's contract address

6 Proof of Trade: MRX Token

Every time you trade child token/reward token pair like MDOGE/EDOGE, you receive MRX token. Details about MRX
You can view your MRX balance on the dashboard
Your MRX Balance

7. Collect Instant Reward

You exchange your MRX to collect Instant Reward. You will lose 95.5% of your MRX balance after collecting Instant Reward.

8. Collect Weekly Reward

You just need to buy Child Token, hold it, and then collect reward weekly on the dapp. You will have to wait for a specific duration called cycle (1 week) to collect your Weekly Reward. Read more about Weekly Reward In testnet, 1 cycle = 5 minutes

9. (Optional) Buy SMRAT

Optional: You can buy 80B SMRAT to activate the VIP Membership
SMRAT Contract address: 0x31487d80abed475788c1fdcca53de631332e9ad1