MoonRat Ecosystem

Collect SMRAT Bounty

What is the SMRAT Bounty Collect

When you use the Supportive Collect for a random holder, you can have a chance to earn SMRAT bounty.
The SMRAT Bounty Collect. You click on the Collect button on the dashboard!

How to calculate SMRAT Reward?

The SMRAT gift is equal to 1/1,000,000 of the total reward pool and capped at 1 unit of reward token like BUSD, DOGE, CAKE.
GiftReward=1/1000000∗TotalRewardPoolGiftReward = 1/1000000 * Total Reward Pool
For example:
  • If the reward pool is 800,000 BUSD, you will receive (1/800,000 BUSD) in SMRAT
  • If the reward pool is 1,500,000 BUSD, you will receive 1 BUSD in SMRAT (because of 1 capped unit)