Earn By Trading - MRX Token

Welcome to Earn by trading!

MRX (MoonRatX) token is generated every time you trade (sell/buy) mining pairs such as EarnBUSD. MRX has an unlimited supply.

Proof of Trade Ratio - MRX Mint Rate

You receive MRX tokens base on the ratio of child tokens you traded. (after-tax).
The ratio is 1:1. This is also called the MRX Mint Rate
VIP Members get 20% more MRX, the ratio for VIP Memebers is 1:1.2
For example, you trade 100,000 EBUSD (after-tax), you will receive 100,000 MRX no matter you get profit or not. If you are a VIP Member, you will receive 120,000 MRX

Instant Pool Reward for traders

The total reward pool is generated by the transactional tax feature
There is an Instant Pool for traders.
  • Instant Pool: 50% of the total Reward Pool
  • Weekly Pool: 50% of the total Reward Pool
This percentage of 50/50 can be changed depending on the trading volume\
Instant Pool and Weekly Pool of the EarnDoge dashboard
Instant Dividend Share = ( MRX you hold / MRX Circulating Supply)*100
Circulating Supply = Total Supply - Burn Wallet - Reserve Wallet
You collect Instant Reward whenever you want. Instantly, no cycle, no waiting.
VIP Members get 20% more rewards than normal holders
You exchange your MRX to collect Instant Reward. You will lose 50% of your MRX balance after collecting Instant Reward.
After each collection
  • 30% of your MRX will be burned
  • 20% will be sent to the Reserved Wallet (Marketing, Operation, Add LP Fund)
  • You keep 50% as a gift (MRX Gift Rate)
You have to trade again to gain more new MRX. This makes MRX a hyper-deflation token.
If you don’t collect the reward, your MRX balance doesn’t change. You can accumulate MRX over time.
SMRAT does not have the Instant Pool

Collect Instant Reward Tax

Collecting reward transactions will also be taxed, please read the detail here

Why should you care about Earn by Trading?

We are the innovator and the first to bring the Earn by holding mechanism to real life. Earn by holding is cool, of course. The Reward Pool is contributed from the Transactional Tax mechanism.
It means the higher the trading volume, the more reward, and the Reward Pool will decrease if the trading volume decreases.
Proof of Trade will attract more traders to MoonRat Ecosystem and make the Reward Pool more sustainable!